Festival of Cultures

 On Wednesday the 14th September was the signing of the Memorandum of Understand-ing (MOU) between Palmerston North City Council and the Manawatu Multicultural Council on the Festival of Cultures.

From the Palmerston North City Council, the MOU was signed by Grant Smith, our City Mayor and Councillor Tangi Utikere and from the Manawatu Multicultural Council, it was signed by Meriam Findlay President and Christine Mukabalindal. The MOU sets the terms for involvement of MMC to the event Festival of Cultures which is a community event funded by the Council in which many ethnic communities take part.

The Meeting and subsequent signing of the MOU was a result of an earlier meeting where Meriam and several MMC members outlined some concerns expressed about the organisation around the Festival of Cultures

The Festival of Cultures is an annual event in the city to celebrate the diversity of cultures, which make up the community of Palmerston North City. The event attracts many thousands of people including many ambassadors from numerous countries who reside in Wellington and travel up to Palmerston North for the day. The emphasis is on the different ethnic cultures that make up our vibrant multicultural Palmerston North. On the day people are encouraged to participate in many ways by performing, singing, dancing and holding displays as well as selling their own ethnic food.

It was good to see so many councillors and members of the Manawatu Multicultural Council at the signing of the MOU. The festival of cultures which has been a vibrant part of our community for many years will gain renewed momentum and continue for many years to come. A copy of the document can be seen at the office of the MMC in the community House.