Forty teams; 94 games.
This year "kick off" was on the 16th February at Arena Manawatu.

From places as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Bhutan, Somalia and Ireland, Romania and Thailand, as well as Fiji, Cambodia, Pakistan, Zambia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan, The Cook Islands, India, Congo, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia, England and with mixed teams from Latin America, Manawatu Muslim Association, Chinese Association and many more, all were hoping to be the overall winners on the day

At 10 minutes a side the draw has eight games being played at once under control of officials, this year led by Jason from Marist football club. Ethkick runs along World Cup lines with each team guaranteed at least 4 games.

Pictured here are some of the supporters and proud winning teams from last year.
Cup winners Fielding Fliers Runners up Arab Eagles
Plate Winners Kiwi Rangers Runners up Fiji International
Bowl Winners Ethiopia Mafia Runners Up Unreal Madrid

No matter which team they were playing for all players really enjoyed the opportunity to compete against teams with people from all over the world.

For more information phone Mike Sahay of PNCC at 3568199 or Shantona Poduval at the Manawatu Multicultural Centre at 3581572