Board and Management Team

Executive Members

President: Nina Kirschbaum - Global Parents Support Group
Vice-President: Maria Loureiro - Palmeirinhos - Brazilian Community
Secretary: Tania Kopytko - Manawatu Russian Dance Group
Treasurer: Angel Kwan - Global Parents Support Group.

Committee Members

Teisa Kurene - International Group
Netra Ghimire - Bhutanese Community
Manmit Singh - Indian Socio-Cultural Society

Centre Staff

Hannah Nhung Nguyen - Office Administrator, Communications and Project Support

Xin chao! Hi!
My name is Hannah Nhung Nguyen, and I am from Vietnam. I came to New Zealand in 2020 following my husband’s PhD study at Massey University. My professional background is international relations, education and community development. I have a great passion and energy for bringing people together, helping them believe in their strengths and values and support them to achieve their goals, and I love to see my own achievement through others' success. I have recently joined MMC since July 2021, and I enjoy working here very much. MMC is a wonderful place where you can meet and make friends with people from diverse cultures. I look forward to welcoming you to MMC!