Who We Are

Manawatu Multicultural Council (MMC) is a recognised and established charitable organisation which has been operating within Palmerston North for over 27 years providing an essential point of contact for new migrants, refugees and newcomers to the City. The Council operates as a coordinating body for the many different ethnic groups and operates to provide information, resources and activities providing opportunities to get information on all aspects of New Zealand life and facilitating the forming of social connections.
MMC latest AGM was on Tuesday 13 October 2020

The following where elected:
Executive Members

President: Nina Kirschbaum - Global Parents Support Group
Vice-President: Maria Loureiro - Palmeirinhos - Brazilian Community
Secretary: Tania Kopytko - Manawatu Russian Dance Group
Treasurer: Angel Kwan - Global Parents Support Group.

Committee Members
Teisa Kurene - International Group
Netra Ghimire - Bhutanese Community
Manmit Singh - Indian Socio-Cultural Society

46 Financial Members
1. Bhutanese Society
2. Manawatu Afghan Society Inc.
3. Central Districts Indian Association - www.paulpatelandassociates
4. Ethiopian Community
5. Alliance Francaise de Palmerston North
6. Kenyan Association
7. Kerala Association of Palmerston North
8. International Group
9. Global Parent Support Group
10. Manawatu Bengali Society
11. Manawatu Cambodian Buddhist Trust
12. Manawatu Irish Society
13. Manawatu Malaysian Society
14. Manawatu Muslim Association
15. Manawatu Telugu Association
16. Manawatu Thai Society
17. Mexican Society
18. Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu
19. New Zealand Arab Association
20. New Zealand Chinese Association, Manawatu Branch Incorporated.
21. Palmerston North Social Club Society
22. Persian Association
23. Philippine Central Districts Association
24. Scandinavian Club of Manawatu
25. Pamanlahi Cultural Group
26. Burmese Muslim Community
27. Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu
28. Sri Lankan Community of Palmerston North
29. Brazilian Community
30. Nigerian Community
31. Sikh Community of PN
32. Japanese Community of PN
33. Ukrainian Educational Trust
34. Bengale Society of PN
35. Manawatu Russian Dance Group
36. Manawatu Chinese Community Trust
37. NZ Designers Club
38. Manawatu Rwandan Community
39. Indian NZ Socio-Cultural Society
40. Le Masina O Samoa Culture Group
41. Palestinian/Syrian Community
42. Awapuni Rotary Club
43. Manawatu Afghan Society Inc.
44. Pakistan - NZ Friendship Association Inc.
45. Manawatu Rohingya Association Incorporated (MRAI)
46. Community Indonesian Manawatu (PREMIUM)
47. Massey University Hong Kong Students' Association
48. Manawatu Fiji Indian Society
49. Active Learning
50. Hispanic Organisation of Latin Americans NZ (HOLA NZ)
51. Palmy Vietnamese Association (PVA)
52. Manawatu Hindu Society (MHS)
53. Manawatu Reuniting Refugee Families Trust
54. Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CERA)